Easy, Quick “Healthy Ice Cream” Recipe!

I made this lovely ice cream as a weekend treat, just needed something sweet and comforting, without the guilt!… Specially after having a hard week working and going to the gym killing myself to get my gorgeous body to the … Continue reading

Sweet Treats with a Cup of Tea Anyone??? <3 I Love these Easy Energy Bites <3

I know how tempting it is a biscuit, muffin, chocolate or cookie with a lovely hot cup of tea or coffee… But I know as well how bad can be only “1” biscuit a day for your waistline and health…. So this … Continue reading

Can a Delicious Chocolate Tart Be good for your Health?

  I wish I could explain with every single detail how “Deliciously Gorgeous” this chocolate tart tastes… I can start by saying that this sexy looking thing, it doesn’t contain cream, no butter, no dairy, no wheat, no flour, no refined sugars, … Continue reading